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Medical Surgical Supplies

Medical imaging allows physicians to create images of the human body for a radical new approach to diagnosing illness. A wide variety of tools are used including radiology, endoscopy, thermography and many more. Evolve Technologies is a leader in this industry, offering products for X-Ray, ultrasound, MRI, and other diagnostic tools. Their online catalog of medical imaging supplies offers a wide assortment of products.

Evolve also provides medical imaging and mammography equipment for hospitals and medical practices. The Mammoline uses superior lighting technology and masking shutters to offer high quality film viewing. Light is dispersed evenly and this eliminates “hot spots” often found on other viewing machines. They also offer numerous disposable medical products. They showcase five styles of disposable gloves including latex and non latex.

Their Brewer Access Exam Table features the largest, most secure step in the industry. It comes with patented easy access drawers, a pneumatic backrest adjustment, and a 5 year warranty. Evolve also carries a full line of Brewer products including Featherlite and Procedure Light systems.

Evolve’s catalog combines cost-effective alternatives to standard products, and devices that deliver standard or improved results with greater flexibility and convenience. So for the greatest selection on medical surgical supplies, visit Evolve Technologies today.

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