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Gas Detection Systems is a website that specializes in personal protective equipment such as fall safety protection, gas detection equipment, reflective clothing, and masks and respirators. Since 1947 they have been serving both the government, and private industry with quality HAZMAT protective gear.

The Minirae 200 from RAE Systems is the world’s most popular hand-held photo-ionization detector for volatile organic compound measurement. It offers an easily accessible lamp and sensor and has an extended range from 0-10,000 ppm. The three year warranty on lamp replacements means you won’t have to spend any more than you have to. It has a easy to read backlit display, and the item’s large keys make it easy to operate even when wearing 3 layers of gloves.

Featuring the new Photo-Ionization 3D sensor, the gas detector is able to continuously monitor hazardous and toxic gases or vapors in low parts per million concentrations. These toxic substances can include benzene, butadiene, and vinyl chloride among others. A PID system will provide faster response, real time readings, and data logging than traditional programmable alarms. For premium safety supplies and personalized customer care at the best prices in the industry, visit

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