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Garden Gifts is a website with a variety of fun and colorful lawn ornaments that will add some spice to your property. Their GeekyBeek Hen-House Hooters make for a trio of fun. Constructed of metal with cast resin heads, the 26” ornaments add depth and dimension to your home or garden. Guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face, the birds feature springs in their wings that allow them to move in the breeze. Their flat footed design allows them to stand on any flat surface, and optional stakes are also included. also has a great selection of solar ball garden stakes. Featuring a solar charger mounted directly onto the stakes, the garden balls absorb sun during the day so as to provide a nice accent light all night long. The 17” stake lets you place the globes at different heights across your lawn to create a very unique look, all without the hassle of wires or outlets. Their Dragonfly Stakes garden gifts come in sets of six. They are hand painted with UV treated paint and are lacquer coated to protect them in the outdoors.

A steak on your grill can be great, but a stake in your garden can be just as good. Find out how fun it can be to add whimsy through yard art to your outdoor setting.

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