The Basics of Software Development

An Arizona software development firm will create a software design based on a plan or idea of a product. What happens is there is a marketing goal or some need for a particular type of product. An Arizona software design firm will take the marketing strategy and translate it into new software. It is great to be able to come up with an idea and then have a Phoenix software design team take that idea and create an actual piece of software that embodies the original idea. Generally, software engineering works hand in hand with software marketing in order to develop products that meet the research and goals of the company at hand. New product development plays a big role in software development and new and improved ideas are implemented and designed every day. There really is a great deal involved in the software development process and because of this it is important for everyone involved to understand this. Software development does not occur over night and it requires a great deal of work and effort to develop the end product. When the marketing and design team are all on the same page with this it makes the process much easier.


Video Over IP

Many exciting changes are occurring in the way that digital media is being transferred. This has created new opportunities for the management, distribution, and encryption of digital film and Helius has been one of the first onboard. As a maker of high quality digital signage solutions, is rapidly responding to demands for technology that facilitates digital cinema distribution.

The demands for more efficient and cost effective methods of film distribution are the driving factors in the market. Helius’ Video over IP products offer an ideal solution that can enable easy content distribution and encryption of files. While traditional broadcast delivery systems were hampered by their dependence on smart card and other hardware technologies, Helius’ technology consists of both client and server components which provide a software based encryption solution between broadcast head-ends and set-top devices.

Staff news photographers and photojournalists across the world are quickly picking up the latest digital cameras and the need to distribute content quickly and efficiently has become more critical than ever. Helius offers IP Video solutions that can allow digital video to be captured to a computing device and then transferred to the headquarters of affiliate stations instantly. Visit today to see what they can do for your company.