Network Monitoring

Recently, some stunning statistics were released that dealt with network intrusions. It was found that in the first two months of 2007, malware attacks increased by 200%. This is just further proof that in today’s complex network environments, having a complete record of your network traffic and the ability for lawful intercept are crucial to your businesses continued success. produces high quality packet capture and playback devices that can perform intrusion detection, analysis and prevention. With their Root Cause Discovery (RCD) system, you can be sure than any intrusion, no matter how minor, can be identified, traced and prevented. Once a company has a complete record of its network traffic it can perform its own deep packet analysis and forensics to uncover any potential patterns that might allow intrusions. It is also important to note that Solera Networks’ Network monitoring products operate as near-line capture devices so intrusion detection activities will not cause any slowdowns in network performance.

Thanks to these new technologies, companies can now have a complete and Calea compliant view of their traffic, as opposed to just a sample. Much like a video offers a more robust representation of a scene that a photograph, Solera Networks appliances will allow for more meaningful analysis of traffic flow through your network.

Video Over IP

Many exciting changes are occurring in the way that digital media is being transferred. This has created new opportunities for the management, distribution, and encryption of digital film and Helius has been one of the first onboard. As a maker of high quality digital signage solutions, is rapidly responding to demands for technology that facilitates digital cinema distribution.

The demands for more efficient and cost effective methods of film distribution are the driving factors in the market. Helius’ Video over IP products offer an ideal solution that can enable easy content distribution and encryption of files. While traditional broadcast delivery systems were hampered by their dependence on smart card and other hardware technologies, Helius’ technology consists of both client and server components which provide a software based encryption solution between broadcast head-ends and set-top devices.

Staff news photographers and photojournalists across the world are quickly picking up the latest digital cameras and the need to distribute content quickly and efficiently has become more critical than ever. Helius offers IP Video solutions that can allow digital video to be captured to a computing device and then transferred to the headquarters of affiliate stations instantly. Visit today to see what they can do for your company.