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Ammonia Refrigeration

If you are in the food service industry then you are aware that certain food items that are cooked or pasteurized need to be cooled to a precise temperature within a certain amount of time. In addition, the storage location must maintain the proper environment for the duration of the food’s required shelf life. This is vital to the health of your patrons, and ultimately your business. It is a necessity that your product that cooks, looks, and tastes exactly as expected. Refrigeration Engineering and Contracting Company (RECCO) is the industry leader in cold storage industrial refrigeration solutions. Their food processing refrigeration systems satisfy USDA and HACCP voluntary standards to meet the exacting requirements of their clients.

Freezing must also sustain the proper product quality. Whether IQF, Blast Freezing or Blast Chilling, RECCO’s ammonia refrigeration systems maintain exact temperatures in order prevent even the slightest variation in product quality. RECCO also designs, creates and services world class ice rink refrigeration systems. Most premier hockey teams in the East play in facilities designed, maintained and serviced by RECCO. They use a variety of refrigerants like glycol and calcium chloride, to maximize safety and savings. For the best in ammonia refrigeration systems, contact RECCO today.

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