Learning Management System Software

learning management system LMS from CBTPlanet.com is the best way for an organization to efficiently implement enterprise learning. With a learning management system, all of the companies training and e-learning needs can be overseen by the software so the users and administrators have easily access to courses and reports.

The courses can easily be categorized and searched within the learning management system software and just one site can support up to thousands of individual courses. Security systems are implemented throughout the software including form checking, data validation, and cookie encryption.

Any standard HTML editor can be used to post text entries to the resources area and forum postings. Students can create their own POP3 email accounts which are verified by confirmation and they can even build online profiles with photos and descriptions. The entire site can be managed by an administrator who is assigned during setup, and has control over the site’s colors, fonts and layout. They can control the creation of courses as well as assign teachers, and set up roles for specific participants. Upgrading activity modules and language packs is simple thanks to the system’s plug-in capabilities. For users operating from different time zones, there is the ability to set your own time so that assignment due dates and posting dates are shown appropriately. For a quality content enterprise learning management system, contact CBTPlanet.com.

Ammonia Refrigeration

If you are in the food service industry then you are aware that certain food items that are cooked or pasteurized need to be cooled to a precise temperature within a certain amount of time. In addition, the storage location must maintain the proper environment for the duration of the food’s required shelf life. This is vital to the health of your patrons, and ultimately your business. It is a necessity that your product that cooks, looks, and tastes exactly as expected. Refrigeration Engineering and Contracting Company (RECCO) is the industry leader in cold storage industrial refrigeration solutions. Their food processing refrigeration systems satisfy USDA and HACCP voluntary standards to meet the exacting requirements of their clients.

Freezing must also sustain the proper product quality. Whether IQF, Blast Freezing or Blast Chilling, RECCO’s ammonia refrigeration systems maintain exact temperatures in order prevent even the slightest variation in product quality. RECCO also designs, creates and services world class ice rink refrigeration systems. Most premier hockey teams in the East play in facilities designed, maintained and serviced by RECCO. They use a variety of refrigerants like glycol and calcium chloride, to maximize safety and savings. For the best in ammonia refrigeration systems, contact RECCO today.

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Garden Gifts

GardenFun.com is a website with a variety of fun and colorful lawn ornaments that will add some spice to your property. Their GeekyBeek Hen-House Hooters make for a trio of fun. Constructed of metal with cast resin heads, the 26” ornaments add depth and dimension to your home or garden. Guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face, the birds feature springs in their wings that allow them to move in the breeze. Their flat footed design allows them to stand on any flat surface, and optional stakes are also included.

GardenFun.com also has a great selection of solar ball garden stakes. Featuring a solar charger mounted directly onto the stakes, the garden balls absorb sun during the day so as to provide a nice accent light all night long. The 17” stake lets you place the globes at different heights across your lawn to create a very unique look, all without the hassle of wires or outlets. Their Dragonfly Stakes garden gifts come in sets of six. They are hand painted with UV treated paint and are lacquer coated to protect them in the outdoors.

A steak on your grill can be great, but a stake in your garden can be just as good. Find out how fun it can be to add whimsy through yard art to your outdoor setting.

Home Décor

There are a number of Garden Décor items available that help keep your property looking its best, all year round. OnlineDiscountMart.com is a wonderful website that offers hundreds of products for both indoors and out.

An arbor can add a beautiful, decorative touch to your outdoor space. Crafted in either metal or wood, they will eventually be covered by whatever vines or plants you choose to train to grow up the sides and over the top. They add a wonderful look to your property when filled with clematis, morning glories, or roses.

Gardening is a peaceful and relaxing exercise that can even relieve stress. Why not add a personal touch with fountains, a garden gnome, or strategically placed garden stones so you can tread a path through your plants and flowers? Whether you choose items from a theme, or just those that interest you, especially during the cold winter months, these items will keep your garden looking fresh and cared for. You can also add a decorative stone plaque that reads “Welcome to My Garden” to let everyone know how proud you are after all your hard work. For the best variety of Home Décor, head to your one-stop-shop online at OnlineDiscountMart.com.

The Basics of Software Development

An Arizona software development firm will create a software design based on a plan or idea of a product. What happens is there is a marketing goal or some need for a particular type of product. An Arizona software design firm will take the marketing strategy and translate it into new software. It is great to be able to come up with an idea and then have a Phoenix software design team take that idea and create an actual piece of software that embodies the original idea. Generally, software engineering works hand in hand with software marketing in order to develop products that meet the research and goals of the company at hand. New product development plays a big role in software development and new and improved ideas are implemented and designed every day. There really is a great deal involved in the software development process and because of this it is important for everyone involved to understand this. Software development does not occur over night and it requires a great deal of work and effort to develop the end product. When the marketing and design team are all on the same page with this it makes the process much easier.


Jewelry website

Christmas is approaching and it’s time to buy gifts. I think that all women like to receive a gem as a gift. Necklaces, rings etc., lately the most popular are the beautiful pearl necklace. These are fairly expensive, but are the only jewelry that will always be in fashion.
As you can see on xaxe.com, the most popular are the turquoise necklace, made of various shapes and sizes, there are over 270 models to choose from.
There is also the bridal jewelry, also known as wedding jewerly, even made of this invaluable pearls, they are beautiful ornaments for brides, .
The prices of all these jewels are not very high, on xaxe.com you can really save a lot of money.

Even women’s shoes are as hard to shop for, as the jewelry. Adding the criteria of diamonds makes it easier though. For sunglasses again, one has to browse through endless creations.

Leather Cuffs

By closely following the trends of celebrities and pop stars, TheLevelCollection.com has assembled one of the newest and hottest product lines available. Their leather wrist straps are one of the most popular men’s accessories that the Level Collection offers. Their brown leather wristband is one of their newest bracelets. It is an inch wide and has a brown and black alligator design and comes in two different lengths. It is made from the highest quality leather and the craftsmanship is top notch. Their leather wristband comes in either brown or black. It is approximately 2 1/2” wide with two ½” straps running straight down the sides that buckle in the back.

In addition to their leather watch strap products they also carry a wide selection of metal accessories including necklaces, pendants, and rings. Their Cross Necklace is a pendant that is constructed from superior stainless steel and has a laser cut cross.

Men’s titanium bracelets have recently become very popular because of their durability, aesthetics, and novelty. They are very lightweight compared to other precious metals and every bit as beautiful. A men’s titanium bracelet makes a great gift and their titanium magnetic bracelets are said to have healing properties. For great gifts for the holidays, or accessories like a leather cuff for your own wardrobe, visit TheLevelCollection.com.